The eye / Biography

Born in Santiago Chile (1988). He formally studies photography in the Arcos School of Photography. With an early vocation and family references, he makes his career as an author through projects in which he gets deeply involved. He unfolds his parallels as an independent photographer, with important publications in the international press. Author of emblematic projects like "En el Nombre de Karen", "-42°", "Chile Uprising" and "A-mor", among others. He has been worthy of several prizes in Chile and abroad, where his work has been published and displayed. His work has been spread in an individual and collective level in renowned artistic spaces. Has published the photobook "-42°" (Ediciones La Visita, 2013). Currently he is been represented by the Agency Photo VII, where he is part of the Mentor Program.

The rectangle / Esthetics and Work

The work of Cristobal Olivares is built out of the silence, the details, the minimum events, the secondary characters, the spaces of intimacy and retreat. Often and inevitable, the photographer turns to the strategy of becoming visible and omnipresent, the absence and what is missing. His speech, closer to the lyric than the epic genre, appeals to the reality from his own place, of an irreplaceable identity. Because of these reasons, he escapes from the usual stridency and pyrotechnical that the medium profusely turns to. The journey also crosses as a detonator argument and as a life metaphor in several of his works. Possessor of a photographic intuition and a unique sensibility, his work is scenically of a documental vocation and contemporary shapes, exempt of ornaments and solemnities, and is develop from a biographic commitment and an unbreakable implication with what is been narrated. This proximity is manifested not through a statement of principles but as an inalienable attitude that appears as a personal signature in each and every one of his works.