The eye / Biography

Photographer and visual artist, born in Concepcion, Chile (1964), is a prominent figure of the national artistic scene concentrating his activities in the Bio-Bio Region. Professor of Plastic Arts from the University of Concepcion, with a Masters in Didactic Design in the Faculty of Architecture in the University of Bio-Bio Performs as Professor in the Department of Arts at the University of Concepcion. Has done creative and educational tasks with training periods in Mexico, Canada and Germany. Cofounder of the Concepcion Photographic Collective, he has held more than half a hundred solo and group expositions in Chile as well as abroad. Participates as editor along with Nicolas Saez in the book "Colectivo Concepción Fotográfica" (Editorial Ocho Libros, 2011)

The rectangle / Esthetics and Work

The work of Fernando Melo Pardo as a photographer is inseparable from his parallel work, with an extensive career as a visual artist. Part of his work as a painter, half way between the figurative and the abstract, relates in a simple way, the natural organic structures with the industrial and mechanic universe. In his photographic work, the space, as a narrative support, holds the main concept of his speech. Esthetically defined by a unique chromatism of nocturnal vocation. The landscape, sometimes inverted rationally, is utilized as a support for the deep philosophical reflections through delicate operations of appropriation. The poetry of the place, the attached collective memory to the objects that delimit the human life, the projections of the own biography, the rural and the spaces of conflicts with the urban and the architecture as the scenography of the human conflicts are some of the constants in the production in which passion and rigor can be appreciated.